The 11 Most Popular Wedding Styles: Don't Miss Out!

Jun 8, 2019
We draw your attention to two main aspects: concept and idea. Provided that you work through these two points that are fundamental for any wedding celebration, your wedding day is sure to be a success.

Watters for Fall 2019: The Sun Was Shining on the Sea

Jun 1, 2019
Watters returns with their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2019 - and it proves once and for all that the key to bridal elegance is simplicity. Check out the new range from this fabulous designer now!

Top 5 Makeup Looks For Your 2019 Wedding

May 29, 2019
Here's Zankyou's top 5 makeup looks for your 2019 wedding. They're perfect for both bold and daring brides or for those seeking a more neutral yet radiant look.

Before the wedding

How To Calculate Your Wedding Budget In 5 Simple Steps

Apr 8, 2019
After letting all of your nearest and dearest know your big news, the exciting planning process begins - although not before you decide on your budget for the big day. Here are 5 simple steps to planning your wedding budget...

The Ultimate Rom-Coms to Watch Whilst Planning Your Wedding

Mar 15, 2019
Planning your wedding can be an immensely stressful time, and so it is always worth taking an evening off to catch up with the latest flicks on Netflix. We've compiled a list of our favorite wedding and romance-themed films for your perusal - so get the popcorn on, grab a bottle of wine, and relax!

The celebration

The Top Canadian Photographers for your Destination Wedding

Jul 29, 2019
Discover the best wedding photographers for your destination wedding! We bring you a selection of Canada's most talented photographers who are sure to capture breathtaking shots, wherever in the world you may be tying the knot.

Bridal fashion

Advice and ideas about bridal beauty

Inspiration for choosing your wedding providers

How to Write the Most Meaningful Wedding Card

Jan 3, 2019
Writing a wedding card is an important part of being involved in the wedding process - and it has to be appropriate! Check out our suggestions for the best phrases and quotes, and how to make sure your message is memorable.

Inspiration for decorating your wedding


35 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

Apr 29, 2019
The smallest details are the most important, like the decoration of the chairs. In this gallery we present to you more than twenty ideas as inspiration for chair decoration, both for the ceremony and the reception.

After the wedding

Top Things To Do In Winter As A Couple

Dec 2, 2018
Take advantage of the fantasy of winter and strengthen your relationship with all kinds of activities in the cold. Put on your coat, hat, scarf on and... smile!

Real weddings

The Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Oct 31, 2018
Whether you are going to a party or doing something with the family, you and your partner will need a costume. Here's some inspiration for some of the best outfits for couples to scare, trick or treat.

5 Top Tips For Writing The Most Moving Wedding Vows

Sep 28, 2018
Wedding vows don't often receive a lot of attention in the wedding advice columns, but are arguably the most important part of the ceremony, and of the day itself. So check out Zankyou's top 5 tips on writing the most moving vows for your partner, to show them just how much they mean to you.