35 Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Chairs

The smallest details are the most important, like the decoration of the chairs. In this gallery we present to you more than twenty ideas as inspiration for chair decoration, both for the ceremony and the reception.

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A wedding always entails thousands of preparations and details that, at times, seem small, but really make the difference. The wedding dress is one thing, and the venue is another, of course. But what about the decoration? Decoration is another of the fundamental aspects of the big day, upon which the guests are most fixated. Table decoration enhances the venue and the general look of the reception party, as well as corresponding with your personal tastes and style. The ceremony decor is another of the things that make your wedding something different. The smallest details are the most important, like the decoration of the chairs, something that is becoming more and more emphasised with creative flower bouquets or ribbons.

In this gallery we present to you some beautiful ideas for decorating your wedding chair, both for the ceremony and the reception. From using flowers of all kinds, either to decorate a side or the back of the chair. In jars, forming initials, in the shape of pompoms, bows, forming garlands for weddings blooming with color... Everything is possible with a touch of originality and creativity! Another option are fabrics or fringes tied together with a brooch. Finally, a detail that is increasingly popular with modern wedding is a sign with messages hung from the chairs of the bridal couple, a beautiful and lasting memory.

If you are immersed in the preparations for your wedding, don’t miss these beautiful and unique ideas, suitable for all kinds of styles.

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