How to Write the Most Meaningful Wedding Card

Nowadays, it sometimes feels like we have forgotten how to write. We use laptops to send emails instead of pens to send letters, and we have access to a whole host of websites like Moonpig and Hallmark eCards where we can send our cards online without having to leave the house. And for times when we have forgotten to send birthday cards abroad, or don’t have time to run to the shops, they can be really convenient.

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However, when it comes to weddings, a little extra effort is required. Birthdays come every year – weddings come (hopefully) but once! Plus, the wedding industry is perhaps the only one in the world that has managed to retain its sense of tradition, and with that comes the expectation that family, friends and acquaintances will also participate in those traditions when involved with the big day. That’s why you need to send a wedding card – and why you need to know how to write it properly! So read on, and discover our top tips for writing a meaningful message!

  1. Buy quality stationery and ink
  2. Be appropriate
  3. Match the style of the wedding
  4. Practice before writing
  5. Add some finishing touches

1. Buy quality stationery and ink

If you don’t already have your own personalized stationery set – which we definitely recommend you get your hands on for occasions such as these! – then ensure that you send your message on quality paper or card from a supplier of distinction. This is not the time or place for online, pre-typed cards or the 99¢ “congrats” notes you can pick up from the store, particularly if you are close to the bride and/or groom. Instead, make an extra effort to convey your good wishes using nice stationery.

If possible, write your message with an ink pen instead of a biro. Tradition dictates that you should write in blue, but black is a suitable alternative – but never in red. Please, for us, put the red pen down! Ink looks far more sophisticated and elegant, and will add touch of class to your message.

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2. Be appropriate

Are you a best friend and potential Maid of Honor? Are you a distant aunt who keeps in semi-regular contact? Are you a work associate who wants to be polite? However it is that you are related to the couple getting married is the factor that dictates what is appropriate to write in your wedding card. This also applies to whether or not you have been invited! If it is a family wedding, but you are still friends, most couples will really appreciate receiving your “warmest wishes” – but probably not your “oodles of love and hugs”.

The important thing is to be appropriate, and not overstep your bounds. Close family can get away with writing such phrases as “we are so proud of the people you have grown to be together”, whilst friends and distant relatives should stay closer to “congratulations on your wedding day, and all the very best”. Do some research before you write!

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3. Match the style of the wedding

If you’re sending your congratulations weeks before the wedding, you may have a little difficulty with this step. It is not an absolute must in any way, but can be a nice touch to show that you are interested in the couple’s nuptials and the effort they are putting into their theme. First off, check your wedding invitation for inspiration! If they are having a classical or vintage wedding, then try out some caligraphy on textured white paper with floral notes, and keep your message simple, for example:

  • “We wish you the happiest of wedding days, and the happiest of lives together as husband and wife.”
  • “We are so excited for the big day, and look forward to celebrating your wedding alongside you.”
  • “An enormous congratulations on your engagement and wedding day. We are delighted for you.”
  • “May your wedding day be as wonderful as you. All the very best from us.”
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However, if the style of the wedding is going to be more relaxed or casual – and if you are much closer to the couple – you can afford to experiment with colors, prints and additional features such as glitter and confetti. Within the card, you have the chance to be a little more flowery and funny. Pop-culture references can be made, punchlines included, and more casual language. You could try something like this:

  • “Kim K and Kanye have got nothing on you guys! We love you, so excited for the big day!”
  • “How long have we all been waiting for you two to get your act together? We’re so proud you’re finally putting a ring on it!”
  • “So this is the time when 2 become 1… Congrats!”
  • “We’re so looking forward to the wedding, and then the free drinks at the reception. Good call guys!”
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4. Practice before writing

When using expensive card and nice ink for a special occasion, it’s a good idea to practice what you are going to write before you write it. How many times have we spelt a name wrong in a birthday card, or accidentally written the same word twice whilst not concentrating? This might not be something that your particular bride and groom will be bothered about – but it still doesn’t look good to deliver a message which has been visibly corrected or crossed out in places. So get a pad and practice before writing!

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5. Add some finishing touches

Be careful with being too extravagant with your congratulations message. If the wedding has a minimalist theme, then don’t attach feathers and glitter and all sorts to the card (unless you know that they’re definitely going to appreciate the decoration!). That being said, it is always a sweet touch to include some finishing touches within the card – you could put some of the wedding confetti that will be thrown when the bride and groom leave the venue into the card, to get them excited for their big day. Alternatively, send flowers alongside the card to make a real impression and put a smile on the faces of an undoubtedly very stressed couple!

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We hope that you feel better now about writing your wedding message, and can think of something appropriate to write to the lucky couple on the event of their big day. Remember – match the theme and tone when it comes to what you write, and use quality materials. Good luck!

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