Top Things To Do In Winter As A Couple

Take advantage of the fantasy of winter and strengthen your relationship with all kinds of activities in the cold. Put on your coat, hat, scarf on and... smile!

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December and January are two months that give us special weather. Christmas, the snow and the mystery appears, and of course, we have to make the most of this weather by spending time with our other halves. It may seem that there are only a limited number of things to do in the winter months, but that’s not true. So, instead of putting on your pyjamas and spending every weekend in front of the fire, get on your winer boots and go and explore our beautiful country!

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1. Getaway To A House In The Country


The image of a bucolic wooden house, a chimney and the snow falling through the window corresponds to the set of unique romantic scenes. Before Christmas arrives, or just before New Year’s, enjoy a trip to the country with your loved one, or perhaps with friends too. Outside, long walks in the woods, feeling the freshness of winter in every particle of the air, and the beautiful canvases with fallen leaves, trails and snow, are the hallmarks of these trips. Inside the house, a romantic dinner and games on the sofa in front of the fireplace, with nature garrisoning your momentary home. The fire, the wood, the cold outside, the remoteness and the mystery build an atmosphere of fantasy.

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2. Discover Stories With Long Walks

The general feeling is that the best time to walk and get lost is summer; In winter, staying at home seems like the usual plan. However, at this time of year, the winter prints have a very interesting and much more magical feel than in summer. The snow, the colours that remain of autumn and the leaden sky, dull but artistic, give a creative meaning to existence as we know it. With a good coat, a hat and scarf, there is no reason to say no! Additionally, taking long walks as a couple in any place is a discovery with a double slope; When walking, couples strengthen their bond.

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3. Get Cultured

If it’s raining, snowing or hailing, it’s probably impractical  to go outside exploring. But, if you really don’t want to stay at home, take this opportunity to enrich your culture and visit the cinemas, theatres, museums and exhibitions that best fit your personality. There are great family movie productions that are released in winter and exclusive exhibitions for these cold months. There is no excuse!

4. Find Shelter In Cute Cafes

Cafeterias are meeting places that dilate their public attendance in winter. In recent times, these spaces have been decorated in charm thanks to their exclusive designs (armchairs, shelves with books and ‘retro’ furniture…), cosy atmosphere and delicious products (cakes, chocolates, teas, cupcakes, muffins, empanadas…). Breakfast and tea in the most modern coffee shops is a comforting and ideal activity for those cold days.

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5. Sofa, Blanket and Film

Staying at home is not always the best option, but sometimes, not only is it necessary, but it is much more desirable than submitting to the discomfort of leaving the house. Therefore, the well-known “sofa, blanket and film” plan, a tradition for less active days, is an excellent option for winter. Feeling warm on the sofa, accompanied by the person you love, while the universal flood is unleashed.

As for movies, we love the classic romantic comedies (Notting Hill, Begin Again, 500 days together …), but also for family there is (Love Actually, Polar Express and many more…). The dramas and horror movies have no place, unless they have that touch of mystery, black comedy and fantasy (Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch…) that always fills winter nights with specialty.

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Summer is usually everyone’s favourite season of the year. However, for some it is much more special. Take advantage of this season to spend time with your loved ones.


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