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Shake Up Your Wedding Decoration With The Most Spectacular Long Tables!

The best and coolest way to host your guests! Don't miss out on our seating plan suggestions this spring. Your summer wedding will be planned to perfection!

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Trying to organise the seating plan for wedding guests is something that couples debate long and hard over. The most common problems are trying to fit big groups on small tables or making sure that friends and family that don’t get on well with certain people don’t sit together and instead share a table with fewer people. For reasons like these, and also because it has been a popular trend for some time, we give you some different decoration ideas for long tables that will make the difficult task of organising your guest seating plan a lot easier and less stressful. The trend for long tables is here to stay, so don’t miss out on the coolest designs. You will love them!


Tables that remind us of family meals in Tuscany, and tables that will enable you to engage in conversation and build a relationship with a lot more people, making this a much more welcoming and intimate event. A classic style, given that long and imperial tables were all the rage several decades ago, that gave way to round tables at the end of the 90s.

The main difference between long and imperial tables is that the latter have a greater width, that sometimes exceeds twice the length. It is common to use these types of tables in outdoor or more informal weddings. Another advantage of choosing imperial tables is that it will make the selection of the centrepieces, such as the attractive and fashionable flower wreaths, a lot easier. In addition, if you are having a big wedding, it is better to choose this type of design, since you will be able to fit more guests within the same space than if you were to select round tables.

Beautiful, attractive, elegant… long tables are equated with grandeur, elegance and style. Choose from our selection of imperial table designs, and find one that is best suited to the decoration of your wedding. They will be sure to impress!

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Shake Up Your Wedding Decoration With The Most Spectacular Long Tables!