The Top Canadian Photographers for your Destination Wedding

It is one of the most exciting days of your life, but the planning and the build up to your wedding day can seem a little overwhelming. If you’re planning to tie the knot abroad, you’re likely to have even more things to organize and consider, so we’re here to help take the stress away. Your photographer is responsible for capturing those special and intimate moments that will keep the memories alive forever, so it’s crucial to make sure you find one that is absolutely perfect for you. Here you’ll find some of Canada’s best destination wedding photographers who will cater for your every need, wherever in the world you choose to get married!

Nicole Ashley Photography

Nicole’s talent for photography combined with her passion for travelling and her loveable personality makes her the perfect photographer for your destination wedding. Time after time, her clients comment on the fact that they feel like they have known her forever, since she takes the time to customize each session and produce meaningful wedding photos that reflect each couple’s style. Nicole has built an impressive resumé, photographing magazine features, best-selling novel covers, internationally acclaimed musicians, music festivals and fashion shows.

Credit: Nicole Ashley Photography

Nicole is based in Alberta, Canada but she travels anywhere and everywhere, and has recently photographed in Australia, Iceland and Mexico, among others. Wherever in the world your wedding may be, you can count on Nicole to capture every single precious moment with style and elegance.

Credit: Nicole Ashley Photography

Joel and Justyna

‘Romantic’, ‘Honest’ and ‘Joyous’ are three words to describe the work of Joel and Justyna Bedford, international destination wedding photographers based out of Ottawa, Canada. This husband and wife duo has been photographing together and separately for around 10 years. They have travelled the world, capturing the most beautiful moments of what is the most memorable celebration of their couples’ lives.

Credit: Joel and Justyna

Joel and Justyna describe themselves as “thoughtful observers”, ones who watch time unfold and are keep to capture love, beauty, sadness, joy, excitement and all other definitions of the human experience which are magnified on the wedding day. Above all, they are keen to capture that romantic connection which is unique to each and every couple and to allow their clients to have perfect photographs as reminders of their love which can be passed on through the generations. They want to photograph truthfully and will be present on your special day for as long as you require them. In their own words, “A wedding is the beginning of a legacy and we’re thrilled to begin documenting yours.”

Joel and Justyna Bedford Wedding Photograph
Credit: Joel and Justyna

Two Mann Studios

Another wonderful husband and wife team is Erika and Lanny Mann, owners of Two Mann Studios. Their unique and highly sought-after style of documentary photography can be brought to wedding celebrations anywhere in the world. In search of something other than safe and boring wedding photography, Erika and Lanny aim to provide works of art that will blow your mind and move complete strangers to the point of stopping and staring. They ensure that they achieve this by pouring their hearts and souls into each and every wedding that they shoot! Ever since their very first date, they have been bonding over their passion for light and love, as well as dreaming up new and exciting ways to see the world through a camera and to refine their photography skills. Their story has shaped their entire approach and philosophy, which is rooted in photojournalism, storytelling, and natural beauty. They focus on capturing real, authentic behaviour and genuine emotion.

Credit: Two Mann Studios

Whilst they worry about the light, composition, exposure, and everything else… all you have to do is have fun and enjoy each other. This fabulous couple live amongst the mountains in Canmore, Canada, with their two children and are available to photograph your wedding anywhere on Earth.

Credit: Two Mann Studios

Meg Courtney

Specialising in “Enchanted Elopements  & Adventure Weddings”, Meg has a wonderfully non-traditional take on wedding photography. She believes that the focus should not be on the centre pieces, the colour scheme or the table cloths, but on the promise that is being made to one another. She is passionate about shifting the focus away from the pinterest-obsessed world and back to the true meaning behind marriage: love and commitment. Meg says, “I believe you should write your own vows, and my idea of a perfect wedding day is a gown you love packed away in your backpack, a bouquet of fresh wildflowers picked from the side of the trail and the one you love walking beside you.”

Credit: Meg Courtney Photography

Having photographed weddings all over the world, her passport is always ready. Plus, if you’re planning on getting married in one of her wishlist destinations then you’re in luck! Meg will photograph and film your enchanted elopement at no cost if you’re willing to cover the travel costs for her and her man! Head over to her website for more information and for examples of her stunning work.

Credit: Meg Courtney Photography

We are thrilled to be sharing some of Canada’s amazing talent with you and we hope that you are as blown away as we are by these stunning photographs. Whether you plan on having a big wedding with all of your family and friends or a small and intimate elopement, check out these photographers and allow them to use their expert knowledge and experience to help you create your everlasting memories.

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