Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes for 2019: Get That Celeb Feel!

Manolo Blahnik - infamously one of Carrie Bradshaw's all-time favourite designers - is back with a gorgeous collection for 2019. Discover these amazing bridal shoes today!

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If you are a loyal follower of fashion trends, and a confessed lover of the top designer brands, then we’re sure that you will have been thinking about where to buy the most luxurious bridal shoes for your wedding next year. Because having the perfect dress is not enough – finding the perfect complementary shoes is essential to complete the look! In this gallery we show you the new collection for 2019 from Manolo Blahnik – an exclusive designer for a day this special.


Do you remember the moment when Carrie Bradshaw got married in her Manolos, or when it girl Olivia Palermo wore a gorgeous stiletto from the company on her big day? Manolo Blahnik has been a staple part of the fashion industry for years – and we can see why! Its designs are authentic, and true works of art, expertly designed for comfort and style; constructed with the best cuts, the most exclusive fabrics, and embellished with jewels and beads, Manolos are a mix of trends that you can’t miss out on.

Manolo Blahnik is equally synonymous with luxury and glamour. Choose a shoe from the latest collection of bridal shoes for 2019, and feel like a celebrity on the day of your wedding, without feeling uncomfortable or being unable to dance the night away!

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Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes for 2019: Get That Celeb Feel!