Top 5 Makeup Looks For Your 2019 Wedding

Here's Zankyou's top 5 makeup looks for your 2019 wedding. They're perfect for both bold and daring brides or for those seeking a more neutral yet radiant look.

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There are SO many things to think about when it comes to planning your wedding, from picking the date, the guest-list, the venue, the caterers and more. But, the most important thing is that you look and feel amazing, which will make for a happy bride and the most beautiful photos to last a lifetime.


So here’s Zankyou’s top 5 makeup looks for your 2019 wedding. They’re perfect for both bold and daring brides or for those seeking a more neutral yet radiant look. Simply choose the one that most suits your personal style.

1. Red and gold

This red and gold look by Proyecto Novia is sexy and seductive, and will give you all the necessary confidence to be the golden girl of the wedding day. Eyes are a window to the soul, so illuminate them with a touch of gold. And red eye-shadow shades are making a fabulous comeback on the makeup scene. This look would work especially with a romantic bouquet of roses, and are perfect for great autumnal weddings where there is more of a rich colour scheme.

Proyecto Novia are the makeup and hair team you need if you’re holding an exotic destination wedding in Mexico, with more than 9 years of experience. They can adapt your makeup look to fit perfectly with your chosen dress, bouquet and wedding theme.

Photo: Proyecto Novia

2. Sexy smoky

The smoky eye effect, which has long been a trend for evening events, can also be a bridal look if done right. A subtle smoky eye is perfect for tanned complexions and dark hair colours, adding some drama to the overall look. It can be made even more elegant with ethereal hair accessories, such as the tiara pictured below in another gorgeous look from Proyecto Novia.

Photo: Proyecto Novia

3. Au naturale

Some brides love to strip it right back when it comes to makeup on their wedding day, creating a raw and natural look. Lighter blush tones, with highlighter, make for a radiant look. This makeup style especially works for springtime weddings, with colour palettes of pastel, cream and natural tones.

The look below is created by Hair and Makeup in Rome – Janita Helova, and we particularly love the soft nude lipstick.

Hair and Makeup in Rome Janita Helova

4. Pretty in Pink

We love just how much the colour pink has returned to the hot trends of this year – pink roses, pink bridesmaids, pink tableware… and this is only set to continue as we move into 2019.

The look below has a subtle inclusion of pink, creating a really beautiful look. Pink lipstick, when paired with a hint of pink blusher and eyeshadow, on lighter complexions, is sophisticated and elegant.

5. Bold lips

And finally, there are the brides that dare to wear red lipstick – and look amazing! We think, if the rest of a bride’s makeup is subtle, then red lipstick is a definite ‘Do’. It’s reminiscent of a more glamorous vintage era, especially when paired with big and elegant curls in a swanky bun.

Makeup4brides, Queenstown

So, which of these beautiful looks is best for you? Choose one that you think best suits your complexion, hair colour, style and wedding dress, and then ask for a practice-run with your makeup artist – just to make sure you feel as beautiful as possible on your big day!


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