Inmaculada Garcia Wedding Dresses 2019: Beautiful Designs With Lots of Personality

Mythology as an inspiration and the mixture of fabrics make up the Inmaculada Garcia 2019 unique bridal gowns, see the here!

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If there’s a designer who succeeds at taking risks, it’s Inmaculada Garcia. Her designs, which take inspiration from a variety of rich cultures, are all made with unique details that make them stand out from the rest. This year at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week we saw the collection, which is aimed at brides who want to break tradition but without forgetting their personality on their big day.

Don’t miss all the designs from the Inmaculada Garcia wedding dress collection 2019, and discover exactly why she is one of the best in the bridal design sector.

Speaking with her, she says that “the new collection wants to convey personality. It is aimed at brides who have very clear ideas, who want to look sexy but elegant at the same time”. Inspired by the Mayan tradition, and the goddess Ix Chel, who embodies the woman as the sustainer of life, her collection imprints the concept of soul that differentiates this brand from the rest. “For 2019 we work more subtly with transparencies, we have created designs that give a feeling of fluidity so that the bride feels sensual but secure within the fabrics. [They are] bright but not excessive, with cut backs, sleeves, volumes and fabrics combined with feathers and other textures, “says Inmaculada.

Wedding dresses with V-neckline, removable overskirts, layers of tulle, details, all this is possible and is present in the new collection of Inmaculada Garcia wedding dresses 2019. What are you waiting for?

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