The 6 Top Places To Propose To Your Partner: Which Will It Be?

Thinking of proposing to your partner? See where could be the best, or perhaps the worst, places to propose!

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In many relationships it’s often a mutual decision to move to the next stage and get engaged, but for some lucky couples, they have a romantic proposal to look forward to! It’s not always the easiest decision to choose where best to pop the all-important question, but we have 6 perfect places to propose to your partner.

The Place Where You First Met


This place can be important for three different reasons: it was where you first met each other, had your first date or even your first kiss. Whatever the reason, it is where your relationship first started and it could also be the place where you make the most important step in your life as a couple. If you take your boyfriend or girlfriend there, you will be sure to surprise them, unless you give away any hints.

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The Location

Every couple has a favourite place they like to go to that is not necessarily linked to where they first met, but is special nonetheless because you probably discovered it at the same time, and you enjoy going there from time to time. It can be a restaurant, an outdoor cinema, a concert hall, a favourite city or even another country. The main thing is that it is yours.

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In a Romantic City

There are several cities that are known for their romantic nature, some due to the influence of legends, literature or cinema and others because of the landscapes or surroundings. Many others are romantic to you because of a special trip you took and, taking into account the influence of being in love, has therefore become important to you. In short, here are a few of our suggestions Prague, Amsterdam, Cartagena, Granada, Florence, New York, Verona…

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In The Middle of The Countryside

Nature is romantic in itself, without the need for anything extra. Therefore, it is best to let it work its magic rather than attempt anything too extravagant that might leave you looking foolish. It can be anything from a weekend getaway, to a simple excursion. Why not go camping so you can propose under the stars, or in the sea or even in a little cottage in the mountains? Let nature speak for itself!

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“Play” with Danger

The word danger is a bit of an exaggeration but the idea would be to do something that would cause a rush of adrenaline. For example, a hot air balloon ride or a trip in a helicopter. If you like risky activities in nature why not propose before, during or after any activities such as rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning or scuba diving – the latter is perfect if the seascape is beautiful. The rush of emotions will be multiplied by a hundred!

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Focused on Him/Her

You’ll need to pull out all the stops to take your partner’s breath away. So, use their hobbies and passions, whether that be in a movie theatre, or even in a planetarium if they like to admire the stars (just like Ross and Rachel did in Friends).

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Where’s Perhaps Not The Best Place:

It might be a good idea to test your luck in a crowded place because what will happen if the answer is no? But if they say yes? It might not be a good idea if your partner is shy and would feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, these types of proposals have allowed for some great videos on social media; we thank those brave enough to do this! In your case, we recommend that you don’t risk it, but if you do really want an audience, surround yourself with people that you trust. In the mean time, enjoy those that were successful:

Which of these places suits you best? Choose wisely! It could be a key decision in your life.


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