How To Choose Your Honeymoon Destination in 5 Simple Steps

A honeymoon can be a real adventure for you and your partner, so make sure you choose a good destination! Check out Zankyou's top tips on how to ensure you're going to the best place.

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Your honeymoon will be one of life’s greatest adventures. It finalises the wedding and will mark your first trip as newlyweds.


Therefore, during your extensive wedding planning, don’t forget to devote some planning time to organise your honeymoon. Here are five factors to consider when choosing your romantic destination.

1. Season

The first thing to consider is the season, because the destination, price and climate of your honeymoon will all depend on this. To take this step, bear in mind that the high season for weddings runs from June to October, so most of couples go on those dates, in addition to coinciding with many family vacations because school’s are off for summer. So if you go at this time, there will be an unnecessary number of tourists in your couple photos, many queues to visit certain places or and, above all, a spectacular rise in prices.

Don’t forget that not all places in the world share the same high or low seasons, so check your wedding dates against the part of the world you would like to visit – or look for the cheaper destinations at the time of your wedding.

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2. Personality

Traveling is an exciting adventure, but certain trips are not for everyone. If you are used to airplanes, hikes, special means of transport, languages ​​and different environments, we recommend that you avoid the typical honeymoons that only involve hammocks and the sea. For you, there is an extraordinary range of exotic places and unique experiences in famous and unknown places, depending on your level of adventure.

But if you are flying abroad or further afield to new continents for the first time, be sure to choose a destination that won’t involve a large shock to the system. You can live an incredible experience, but try to inform yourself well of the customs of the country or area in question . Although, there’s nothing like discovering a totally different world.

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3. Time

It goes without saying that your trip should be designed around how many days you will have. Because, with the honeymoon myth, many couples try to cover a myriad of destinations, neglecting the entire trip and leaving some places without visiting. Don’t go crazy and design a trip that works well with the time available. Less is more.

What else should be considered with regards to timings? Well, the time of journeys and travelling between airports or destinations can take a while. So count the days of transfers as lost and plan everything from the day after the travelling days.

Many couples join their honeymoon leave at work with holidays and end up with a wonderful month available to travel the world, with destinations as far away as New Zealand, Chile or Vietnam in their itinerary. With that amount of time and a broad budget, the only thing that could limit you is your imagination. However, if you only have 10 or 15 days for the honeymoon, two or three close destinations would be enough.

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4. Customs

Each country has many different wonders, cuisines, animals, climates and customs that make them unique. Therefore, it’s advisable to study in depth all the peculiarities of your preferred destinations, because there is more to think about than just vaccines. If you visit Africa, South America or Asia, for example, find out about the food and weather, perhaps two of the main aspects to consider.

Countries like Jordan, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, for instance, are hot all year round. With this in mind, winter is a better option. Others like India and Nepal suffer from Monsoon season and it is better to visit them between November and March.

Some of these countries include in their culture an unusual gastronomy for Westerners or foods that we would never imagine as part of a menu. Therefore, it is worth having a prior knowledge to avoid surprises.

It is also vital to find out about the means of transport in the area, the languages ​​and the sociability of the people, because education is not the same everywhere. First of all, respect the place you visit, try to adapt to their customs, enjoy it, and bring a bit of that land home to keep as a memory.

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5. Budget

When you know what you want, it’s time to choose a place that suits your budget. There are a multitude of packages that combine cities or countries and vary according to low or high budgets. With these, many couples can visit contrasting environments such as New York and Riviera Maya.

But if money is not a problem for you, you can travel the globe and, with the help of travel agencies, organize an expedition with incredible options and unusual destinations. With knowledge of your destination you can adjust the itinerary to visit everything that may be interesting for you.

Budget one of the most important factors for both your destination and the agency that organises it, so be clear on what your budget is from the start. You don’t want to run out of money when you’re on the other side of the world!

There are couples who decide to organise the honeymoon on their own. However, sometimes a problem may arise in a distant destination that will require support from professionals. Booking through a travel agency, therefore, is always advisable.

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