How To Choose The Color Scheme For Your Big Day

Choosing a range of colors for your wedding decoration is essential if you want to best show your style and personality.

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When planning a wedding, the color scheme is not often the first thing we consider. However, choosing a range of colors for the decoration of your wedding is essential if you want a result that fits to your style and personality.


Think of tastes, colors, and seasons. Each one of them offers different tonalities, all of them very special if done consistently. Here’s how to choose your palette for a stylish wedding that no one will forget:

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Photo: Sara Lobla

The season of the year

As we’ve said, one fundamental thing to consider with your color scheme is the season or time of the year in which you’re celebrating. After all, summer colors and flowers are not the same as in autumn or spring. So, consider more striking colors such as fuchsias or intense greens in spring, and light, pastel colors in summer.

Autumn is also a good time to get married due to the array of rich and deep colors from purples and reds to browns and gold.

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The theme

The colors you use to decorate your wedding should be in line with the overall theme you have chosen, if you have one in particular. A classic movie style wedding would mean an elegant black and white palette, for example. Vintage weddings, which are a current trend, are characterised by pastel colors such as pink and mauve together with white. Each theme having a corresponding color scheme means that you can consistently use it and recreate your theme throughout your venue.

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Photo: Jairo Crena

Type of wedding

A wedding in the countryside is not the same as one on a beach or in an elegant hotel. The type of celebration that you want will also influence your choice of color scheme, (which should not exceed more than 4 main colors).

There are more sophisticated color combinations than others, such as a range of blues, whites and ivories, which are also ideal at any time of the year. Red and white are also perfect for decorating your wedding with a regal air.

savedecoración de una boda
Photo: Sí, Wedding Planner

The Venue

Just as you have to take into account the time of year or the theme, it’s also important to look at your chosen venue. Maybe the environment itself will help you choose a corresponding color scheme, such as green colors and an enchanted garden theme in a particularly rural venue.

If, for example, you’re going to get married in a very elegant palace, the very colors of the room should be the most suitable tones for decoration (so as not to clash with the overall look of the space).

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Photo: Sí, Wedding Planner

The trends

Many couples are influenced by trends when it comes to wedding planning, so here are some 2018/19 trends for decorating a your wedding according to a color scheme.

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Photo: Bodas CF

The hot colors of this year are serenity blue and rose quartz, not only in the different elements that make up your wedding decoration but also in bridal jewellery, accessories and flowers …

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Photo: Orange Photographie

Colored bridal veils are also very fashionable for this upcoming season, adding a different touch to a bride’s look, which is very romantic in a rose quartz shade.

Photo: Navascués
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Photo: Carles Figuerola

Whatever the trends may be, make sure you stay true to your own style and personality. Weddings are beautiful days filled with laughter and joy, so make sure your big day is blooming with fresh colors chosen consistently according to your theme and tastes.


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