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  • "Can I be your daddy?": One man's special proposal to his fiancée's daughter

"Can I be your daddy?": One man's special proposal to his fiancée's daughter

Who said that only the couple have a say in a marriage? Sometimes there are other equally important characters involved in the story!

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Marriage proposals can be truly magical, but there are certain moments which take the magic one step further. Grant Tribbett crossed the border of commitment when he decided to make a unique proposal to his fiancée’s five year-old daughter. In that exact moment, with the scene set perfectly, Tribbett captured more than just one heart…

saveMandi Gilliland
Photo: Mandi Gilliland

Let’s go right back to the beginning. It all started with a plan that was told to a ABC News and that was elaborated by two individuals: Grant Tribbett and his photographer friend Mandi GillilandThe location? A wonderful forest in Indiana in the United States. The scene was set and the plan was ready to go ahead.

The photographer, on top of capturing everything that was about to happen with her camera, had to hide in the bushes and act like a true member of the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Grant made his way to the chosen location with his girlfriend Cassandra Reschar and her young daughter Adrianna. After having a good breakfast with the two ladies in his life, the next step was to walk to the forest and connect with nature.

Upon reaching a beautiful wooden bridge which crossed a river, Grant got down on one knee before Cassandra, opened a little box containing the ring and asked her to be his wife. What an idyllic setting for this special moment! Emotions were high when she responded with an unquestioned “yes” which would unite the two of them in marriage. However, Grant had one more trick up his sleeve, and one which would create one of those moments which makes us realise that the world truly is a magical place.

saveMandi Gilliland
Photo: Mandi Gilliland

Having received a “yes” from his future wife, the star of the story got down on one knee once again, but this time in front of the young Adrianna, who remained shy and unsure about what was going on. Grant continued with his plan and uttered the magic words to the little girl: “Can I be your daddy?”. To go alongside the question, he gave her a little heart-shaped necklace which was accompanied by a promise: “To love you and protect you for the rest of your life”. 

saveMandi Gilliland
Photo: Mandi Gilliland

Between Cassandra’s sobs, the little girl delivered a charming “thank you”, which provoked Grant to ask another question which we hear time after time in the movies: “Is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?”. “Yes!”, she said, happy and excited about the new life which was about to begin in front of her eyes. 

Evidently, the photographer Mandi captured each wonderful moment.

saveMandi Gilliland
Photo: Mandi Gilliland

As well as being charming, it’s totally intelligent and considerate of Grant to think that there is a need to ask for the permission of a child to become a part of their life. Children are special and, even though their ability to adapt is incredible, there are some changes that they deserve to know about before facing up to them. Adrianna made her opinion clear, saying to Cassandra: “I finally have a daddy, mommy!”.

The union with both girls was summarized by Grant in a few sentences: “I’m excited to be a father to Adrianna and to help raise her. I hope to be as good as a parent as my parents were for me”, he told ABC News. Cassandra, who had started dating Grant just seven months previously, had no doubt about the type of husband that this man would be. It was clear to everyone that he would be a good, caring and protective father who would act as a role-model for the little girl.

Cassandra told her side of the story on the portal howheasked.com, where she revealed how her suspicions about the day came to life.

saveMandi Gilliland
Photo: Mandi Gilliland

Did this make you as emotional as it made us? Here at Zankyou, we have a huge amount of respect for people like Grant: he’s completely selfless and devoted. If only there were more people like him in the world!

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