30 Romantic Ideas For A Wedding This Valentine's Day

Is February the month for you and you partner to tie the knot? Here are a few romantic ideas that will make your day extra special not just for you but for your guests too!

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As February 14 approaches, what better than a few Valentine’s Day inspired wedding tips. A Valentine’s Day wedding seems too much romance to handle, but with these snippets of inspiration, you can be guaranteed to get the balance just right!


For colour palettes, we’re not only talking about red, we’re talking the whole colour spectrum. Bubblegum rose, nude, gold and white and green combinations are just as romantic as red. In fact, for those with a fear of being so bold with red, the subtle, pastel colours add a delicate touch to your wedding.

Ask your caterer to include soft tones to your catering, or add heart shaped foods to create a little more love in the air, and not for just you, but for your guests as well ! The bar of drinks can also be inspired by the day; straws of hearts, ice with petals inside, romantic garlands… And in the dance you could leave a corner with red, green and yellow stickers, so that daring singles can participate in the famous traffic light game.

On February 14, everything from the stationery, to the invitations, the waiters or the your bridal look, can be changed to represent the day of St. Valentine himself. Have a look through our gallery for some romantic inspiration!


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30 Romantic Ideas For A Wedding This Valentine's Day