5 Tips To Keep in Mind When Buying An Engagement Ring This Christmas

A December proposal can be an amazing holiday surprise… Before you get down on one knee and begin planning that dream proposal, work out your budget!

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December is the most popular month for engagements. Maybe it’s the mistletoe, the holiday cheer…or the champagne on New Year’s Eve! But regardless of what inspires someone to get down one knee, couples seem to like sealing their commitment when the year ends.


December is also the ideal time to pop the question for another reason, though: Jewelry deals! When the gift-giving season begins and buyers start looking for the perfect presents for loved ones, jewelers begin to offer special deals or promotions. Black Friday, of course, is the sale of all sales! While not every future engagement ring shopper wants to hunt on the busiest shopping day of the month, there may be some incredible deals if you’re a sale hunter.

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For couples who really want that romantic, festive holiday engagement, there are many more ways to save on the dream ring. So if Black Friday excursions are out of the question, try these budget-conscious tips for scoring the most beautiful ring at the best price:

1.    Opt For a Smaller Stone

Engagement rings were once prized for being the biggest and most brilliant, but those days of excess are over. Today’s engaged couples look for money-saving options. To save money, opt for a smaller diamond. But aim for quality. The sparkle and fire make the diamond beautiful, so invest the budget you have for a good cut and clarity.

2.    Choose Gemstones Over Diamonds

Who says an engagement ring has to be all about the diamond? Thanks to the Kate Effect, solitaire engagement rings are having their moment… and so are other gemstone engagement rings. Millennials are even shunning the diamond for their engagement rings. If you want the clear sparkle without the major price tag, swap out the diamond for Moissanite. Like a diamond, it’s clear, colorless and exudes an amazing spark. No one will know the difference… and in case you’re wondering, Moissanite isn’t a cubic zirconia!

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3.    Price Shop

To get the best deal, you have to hunt. Check out local jewelers and go online to price out rings. You may find that you can order a ring for less than you can buy one in the store. Just make sure you research all companies and ensure that any diamond you purchase comes with a certificate from a reputable gem lab.

4.    Design Your Own Ring

Sometimes we want what we want. And that vision might not be in the store. Thanks to 3D printing, many jewelers can custom make the ring of your dreams. Just be sure you communicate your budget!

5.    Shop Estate Sales

Love vintage jewelry? Why not buy authentic vintage? Many estate sales or even resale shops and thrift stores are treasure troves for amazing jewelry, and you may find the perfect vintage masterpiece at an amazing price. The only caveat? Ensuring your purchase is authentic. Shop cautiously, and have the item authenticated by the seller. Negotiate a lower price if they cannot verify authenticity. If you don’t feel good about it, though, walk away.

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A December proposal can be a wonderful holiday surprise… and a true fireworks way to end the year! Before you get down on one knee and begin planning that dream proposal, work out your budget for that amazing engagement ring. And then hit the ground running to find the best deals for your partner’s dream ring!


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