The Best Jewelry for Your 2019 Wedding: What's Trending

Jewlry for your wedding day is often a quick, last-minute decision. But we think you should choose sooner, and make sure your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings perfectly match your outfit! Check out what's hot for 2019 in our gallery and don't miss on the top styles for 2019.

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Choosing your wedding dress may be the most important part of the journey to creating the perfect wedding look, but it is not the only step. Accessories – in this case, specifically jewelry – are vital in helping to emphasise certain aspects of your theme and tone. To make this decision a little easier for you, we have designed this gallery full of the most beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces for 2019 – don’t leave your jewelry to the last minute, and choose it now!


The jewelry that you wear depends entirely on the theme of your wedding (unless you are wearing jewelry given to you by the women in your family – in this case, wear it as you like!). For example, women who are wearing vintage weddings dresses will want to avoid large hoops and more modern jewelry! If you have chosen a wedding dress with crystals, you will need to make sure that your jewelry does not detract from the dress – forget the chandelier earrings, and choose a pair of studs instead! But if your wedding dress is more simple, then the jewelry world is your oyster!

Don’t miss out on the most beautiful jewelry for your wedding for 2019. From classical silver options to more colorful pieces, it’s all here in our gallery! Take note and make sure you’re matching your outfit completely. You’ll look incredible on your big day with the right accessories!

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The Best Jewelry for Your 2019 Wedding: What's Trending