10 Ideas to Light Up Your Wedding in the Most Beautiful Way!

Still thinking about how to light up your wedding? Discover these pretty ways to illuminate your big day!

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If you happen to be in the middle of planning a wedding, we’re certain that by now you’ve seen thousands of ways to decorate. Like flowers, lighting is one of the most noticeable aspects of wedding decor. The right lighting is essential for setting the mood for the big day and we never get tired of seeing new, unique ways to create beautiful lighting. That’s why we’ve selected these pretty images. Take note!

1. String Lights


A popular option for a reason. Hung up in open air, string lights resemble stars and create a magical atmosphere when you’re under them. If you’re on the fence about using string lights, let us say “YES” for you.

saveilumina tu boda
photo: Couche Photo

2.  Cascading Lights

There are certain corners that are just begging for special attention. Decorate tree trunks, branches, and other natural elements with cascading lights for a visually stunning result and pretty background for your wedding photos.

saveiluminación bodas
photos: Pablo Béglez

3. Net Lights

One of the most elegant and original ways to illuminate and decorate your wedding. Find a spot that you can hang net lights like these rocks, for example. The result will be pure magic.

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Pablo Béglez

4. Lamps

Looking for something a little more glamorous? Why not opt for large golden lamps for long communal tables.  Lamps provide plenty of lighting and add an air of elegance to your banquet.

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Volvoreta Fotos

5. Chandeliers

This has to be hands down, one of our favorite lighting decorations. When we first saw these chandeliers adorned with green garlands and small candles, we fell in love.

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Volvoreta Fotos
saveiluminación bodas
photo: Volvoreta Fotos

6. Industrial Light Bulbs

Less is more, and if you like minimalism and want pretty lighting without over-the-top decorations, consider light bulbs. Industrial decor is having a moment right now. Industrial light bulbs are a simple and stylish way to illuminate your wedding.

saveiluminación boda
photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography / Alexandra Whitney Photography

7. Lanterns

Without a doubt, an excellent way to set the mood for your reception. With their exotic charm and natural light, lanterns favor every kind of decor.

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Santana Photography

8. Illuminated curtain

Either you love it of you hate it. It’s not for everyone, but we must admit, an illuminated corner makes for some pretty stunning photos.

saveilluminación bodas
photo: M2 Photography

9. Letters

If you want to have letters with your name or initials, make sure they are highlighted with some pretty lighting!

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Jose Valdez

10. Guiding Light

An excellent way to direct traffic at your wedding is by setting up lights so that they point in certain directions. Illuminate wedding trunks or pathways with string lights and candles.

saveiluminación bodas
photo: Volvoreta
saveiluminación bodas
photo: Jose Valdez

Still thinking about how to light up your wedding? We’re sure that one of these kinds of lighting is bound to make your wedding beautiful!


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