How to Decorate the Chairs at Your Wedding: The Most Stylish Ideas

Every couple wants their wedding to be a special day that everyone remembers. And although it is obvious that features like the venue and the dress are very important, there are many smaller details that also contribute to how people reflect on your wedding. Nothing can be forgotten! Every part of your big day should be personalised – including the chairs at the ceremony and reception, which may not seem like a significant aspect of the day, but can really become something special with a bit of decoration! And the first step is to decide what type of chair you want to include.

For most couples, the best way to make this decision is to think about the type of wedding you are planning, where you are hosting it, and the style that you want to decorate with. So discover now how to decorate the chairs at your wedding in five simple steps – or rather, five options that you definitely haven’t yet considered for approaching this aspect of the wedding in the most original way possible.

  1. Use flowers
  2. Choose chairs with colours
  3. Discover chairs for themed weddings
  4. Write a message
  5. Decorate with balloons and ribbons
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  1. Use flowers

Chairs are an essential part of a wedding, which are always present in the ceremony and reception. And although you may not think they bear much weight when it comes to décor, it is important to give them an original touch, for example with flowers, to add a touch of colour to the space that you are using. If you do this, the ceremony will be that little bit more beautiful, as will the photographs that will help you remember this special day.

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You can use wooden chairs for a wedding celebrated in the open air for a rustic touch, as well as in the interior of more vintage style venues. With the addition of some colourful flowers and plants, they will look even more perfect! Consider this option now.

If you wedding has a DIY theme running through it, then you could also consider alongside wooden chairs having glass jars to line the aisle at the ceremony. This will add a beautiful, personal touch, and will reflect the light perfectly.

Credits: Modern Charm

For weddings indoors, then have it clear in your mind – white chairs are your best option! And depending on the style that you are trying to portray during your ceremony, then you can decorate them with roses, lavender or hydrangeas to bring a floral touch. These three colours combined will be perfect against the white or cream chairs, particularly in a venue that is decorated with plain colours.

Credits: Lori Paladino
Credits: Oconee Events

You can place decorative baskets with flower petals on the backs of the chairs at your ceremony, for guests to throw when the couple walk down the aisle together at the end of the ceremony. This would be a really lovely moment, and avoid you having to throw rice!

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If your wedding is on the beach, then don’t hesitate to bring a Hawaiian theme to your big day by decorating white chairs with beautiful coloured flowers, or by wearing flowers around your neck! These can afterwards make a lovely flower crown for the wedding photos, or serve as a memorabilia item for guests attending your big day.

Credits: Suncoast Weddings
  1. Choose chairs with colours

If you want your wedding day to be a little alternative, and you want to surprise your guests too, then use coloured chairs during your reception. You can put the name of every person in their place, and use a chair of their favourite colour – the effort is all worth it for their reaction!

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This is a great idea particularly for weddings outside, especially when the bulk of the photography will be taking place in the open air too. Choose your venue, and then enjoy the process of organising the details of your wedding! In some ceremonies, different colour chairs all grouped together can create a very charming atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to play with colours!

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  1. Discover chairs for themed weddings

Have you considered hosting a themed wedding? This is one of the most original ideas that couples have been considering recently, and is set to become a big trend for 2019. For example, medieval weddings are becoming more popular – so choose chairs that simulate medieval thrones, with a print and colour that reflect the era.

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If your wedding is going to follow a very sophisticated theme, then you could try going for the opposite of the usual chair colours and choosing black instead. These will look very striking, and we think your guests will absolutely love them!

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  1. Write a message

Do you want to plan something fun? You can decorate your chairs with small cards or bunting that say “Mr” and “Mrs” across the back, or even “Bride” and “Groom”. For any couples in attendance that you know are getting married soon after you, you could even surprise them with a card on their chair that says “We’re next!” – they will love it!

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Similarly, for the ceremony you could put a small card on every row of seats with a message about love, or about how special this day is for you and your partner. This will be a romantic and magical detail!

  1. Decorate with ribbons and balloons

The youngest guests will absolutely love them! You can decorate your chairs with balloons so that after the reception, the children can all play with them outside. This will create a lovely little space dedicated to them!

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If you are getting married outside, you can put white balloons on some of the chairs to be released at the moment when your officiant says “I now pronounce you…”. This will create an incredible photo opportunity, and will be a lovely memory to look back on after the wedding.

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You only have to choose colours that are best aligned to your principal decorative elements, and put just a few ribbons on every chair. If you go for white ribbons on wooden chairs, this creates a lovely rustic contrast. If you’re getting married in the countryside, surrounded by trees and vegetation, then don’t hesitate in choosing ribbons with plenty of colour – they will be charming!

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