Unique Boho-chic Decorations 2017: Let Your Inner Hippie Shine

Bring out your inner hippie with the latest trends in boho-chic décor 2017

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The extravagant decorations that we are used to seeing at wedding ceremonies and receptions are becoming less and less common as couples trade in over-the-top ribbons, bows, crystals, and chandeliers for more natural and relaxed decorations. This somewhat new trend is what we call bohemian chic, and it’s no wonder why this style is on the rise. Today we want to bring out the hippie in you with the latest trends in boho-chic décor 2017.

Wild flowers, oriental rugs, string lights, and bright, organic patterns make for a stylish, authentic, and memorable affair. The best part about bohemian chic decor is the possibility to experiment with decorations. Mix and match different colors, patterns, and flowers to create a unique indie wedding experience that your guests are guaranteed to remember.

Your inner flower child is sure to be pleased by these dreamy boho-chic wedding accents. Don’t wait any longer. Discover them now!

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