Why You Should Choose A Destination Wedding This Year

All couples go through a similar experience when it comes to the end of their wedding day, there’s that feeling of wanting to do it all again. Couples just don’t want their special moment to end, and after putting so much effort into the planning – that’s understandable!

To avoid this feeling, we suggest a destination wedding. The unique experience of marrying abroad mean you can prolong all those unforgettable feeling. Initially, destination weddings was just a name for weddings in a paradisiacal destination abroad, but today we consider a every wedding that takes place outside a couple’s local town or city as a destination wedding.

 José Espinosa
Photo: José Espinosa

Destination weddings may be a bit more complex in terms of the logistics and organisation but they are SO worth it. Plan an unforgettable experience for your friends and family, and above all, for you. We know it’s a big jump to take, so here’s the best planning advice and some top-notch recommendations.

1. Decide where to go

When it comes to deciding where to have a destination wedding, the world is literally your oyster , so you should think about which wedding style defines you, and from there, look for the perfect place (a beach, a mountain, a jungle, a big city …). This place should be somewhere for your guests to explore, with amazing views to make the flights all the more worth it – new cultural experiences are a bonus, too!

Mirlo Azul
Photo: Mirlo Azul

A couple of hundred miles below Canada lies the ultimate picturesque destination for your wedding abroad – Mexico. There are so many beautiful places within this country where you can marry, but the region of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is perhaps the most suitable for a wedding. Intensely romantic, with beautiful sea views, you won’t have any difficulty convincing your family and friends to travel for your wedding here!

Photo: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

2. Consider the number of guests

Another thing to consider when choosing your destination is how many guests you will want there. If you would love to have loads of your extended family and friends then try not to choose somewhere that’s difficult and expensive to get to, whereas, if it’s just you and a few close family members, then you can be more flexible.

Couche Photo
Photo: Couche Photo

3. Find a local wedding planner

A professional wedding planner who is local to the area will solve everything that you can’t fix from a distance, from the paperwork and legal requirements to the smallest details, through a network of the region’s best wedding suppliers. Since they know the location well, they will also be able to assist you in planning incredible holiday activities for your guests.

Siroko Beach
Photo: Siroko Beach

For a dreamy destination wedding in Mexico, Karla Espinosa is an expert than can ensure everything about your day runs as smoothly as possible. As a bilingual professional (English and Spanish), she will be able to cater for your every need, and she benefits from a beautifully creative eye for even the smallest of details.

Karla EspinosaLearn more about “Karla Espinosa”
Photo: Karla Espinosa

4. Honeymoon destination

Imagine that you decide to get married in the Dominican Republic, on a paradisiacal beach in Punta Cana. You can turn your wedding venue into the destination for your honeymoon, which kills two birds with one stone. You’ll already be in one of the world’s most romantic spots for your first days as newlyweds. In addition, your guests can be part of the first days of your honeymoon and take advantage of the weekend to make their own travel memories.

Photo: ArenaTours

5. Informal party

And if you’re thinking of all those people who wouldn’t be able to make it to your destination wedding, but you still want to celebrate them, then how about organising another, more informal, wedding party at home? A 2018 trend that we love is a hosting a wedding brunch – which will be great when the nerves have passed and you can enjoy more of your guests’ company.

Prisma Blanco Fotografía
Photo: Prisma Blanco Fotografía

As you can see, there are so many advantages and possibilities when it comes to destination weddings. So, if you want to host a spectacular wedding that everyone remembers, which you can combine with a honeymoon and a unique travel experience with your family and closest friends, then take our advice and plan your destination wedding today!

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