21 of the Most Delicious Dessert Tables: Get Your Sweet Inspiration Here

Keep your guests sweet with delicious dessert tables on your wedding day! Take inspiration from 21 of the most original dessert tables you've ever seen. Trust us you'll want them all!

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Keeping up with all the hot wedding trends is no easy task, so obviously you turn to the likes of us. We live and breathe weddings day in day out, and give you the low down on the new and exciting dress collections, decor styles and flowers. Previously our parents and grandparents barely had to be concerned with more than that, but these days it has become increasingly popular to make the details more personal and sentimental, including thinking out of the box for the seating plan, chairs and centrepieces.


The traditional wedding cake is getting a major upgrade, as you no longer have to go with just one big cake. Why have just one when you can have several desserts? Your day your way is what it’s all about at the moment, so good news for those with a sweet tooth. We absolutely love the idea of keeping all your guests sweet by pulling out all the stops using a table towering with your favourite after dinner treats. This also works as a gorgeous display feature, totally upping your decor game!

From tables full of elegant style such as macarons, to the more casual yet chic donuts with mouthwatering fillings, you’ll have every guest fuelled in the most fantastic way ready to hit the dance floor. They’ll be so impressed with decorated rustic wooden tables layered with cupcakes, cookies, tarts and even some retro pick and mix sweets. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a table of the most original assortment of sweets imaginable.

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21 of the Most Delicious Dessert Tables: Get Your Sweet Inspiration Here