Pronovias 2017: Find the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding

We didn't know it could happen but Pronovias has managed to get even better. Check out the very best of the Pronovias 2017 bridal collection!

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Internationally renowned wedding dress atelier, Pronovias strives for pure elegance and perfection in each dress design. With the presentation of the Pronovias 2017 bridal collection, the brand has yet again succeeded in bringing sheer sophistication and one-of-a-kind creations that can suit every kind of bride. Creative director, Hervé Moreau was inspired by flowing lines and light, airy fabrics that highlight the female form as well as strong silhouettes such as empire waist, mermaid, and A line. In this post, we’ve collected the very best of the Pronovias 2017 bridal collection so don’t miss out!



The first design Eda, is an empire waist dress. Its square neckline is decked with precious stones and intricate floral motifs. The waist flairs out into an A-line skirt and ends with a small tail.

saveEda, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Eda. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

Among the designs that draw are attention is Elideth, an A line wedding that features an exquisite combination of tulle and lace. Its halter neckline is especially flattering on women with narrow shoulders. With its elegant boat neck and A line silhouette, Eitana is another design that stands out from the collection for its voluminous tulle skirt and use of Chantilly late. Elena, a similar style, features a floral embroidered neckline, Chantilly lace, and a tulle mermaid skirt.

saveElideth, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elideth. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017
saveElena, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elena. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017
saveEitana, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Eitana. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

Another standout in the collection is Edith, a spectacular wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid silhouette. The dress features a variety of delicate details such as Chantilly, lace, and embroidery, but our favorite feature is by far the overskirt which makes for a bold and fierce silhouette.

saveEdith, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Edith. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

Elvira is one of the more sensual and unique designs of the collection. The mermaid cut dress ​​which combines guipure, tulle and lace was designed for the sophisticated woman. The Victorian-inspired dress features long sleeves and a turtleneck, perfect for women with long, slender figures. Elvira is ideally worn with hair up.

saveElvira, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elvira. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The ultra-elegant Elmira forms a unique contrast between the skirt and bodice. The simplicity of Elmira’s satin princess-cut skirt is complimented by a highly detailed top which features a Baroque bodice and illusion neckline with embroidery, Chantilly lace, and transparent long sleeves.

saveElmira, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elmira. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The third line of the collection is composed of minimalist designs with unique details such as plain necklines that are meant to draw all the attention to the back. The first of these designs is Edrei, a boat neck dress made of lightweight crepe that conforms to and flatters the female figure. The mermaid style dress uses very little detail except for the embroidery on the sleeves. Simple in front, Emelia’s open back which is complimented by large teardrop stones, plays a fundamental role in drawing attention to the dress. Elia uses the same teardrop rhinestones on the sleeves to compliment the dress’s powerful silhouette.

saveEdrei, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Edrei. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 20177
saveEmelia, Atelier Pronovias 2017.
Emelia. Credits: Atelier Pronovias 2017
saveElia, Pronovias Atelier 2017.
Elia. Credits: Pronovias Atelier 2017

The Pronovias 2017 collection demonstrates the brand’s evolution of classic designs which have been perfected over the years. Their very wide range of styles for all types of women includes flowing designs that enable freedom of movement, more elaborate designs with voluminous tulle skirts, timeless creations of crepe, chiffon, and lace, as well as modern minimalist styles with ornate back designs.

One of our favorite designs, Orville, features a V-neckline, short sleeves, and mermaid cut. It is perfect for a unique, nontraditional look and the embroidery on sleeves and waist give a special touch of elegance. Another one of our favorites, Orquidea is characterized by detailed long-sleeves with cuffs and embroidery cascading down the fitted silhouette. Olbia and Olalde feature similar silhouettes and necklines but have slightly different details.

saveOrville, Pronovias 2017.
Orbille. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOrquidea, Pronovias 2017.
Orquidea. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlbia, Pronovias 2017.
Olbia. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlalde, Pronovias 2017.
Olalde. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Orobia is one of those dresses that is bound to be remembered. Composed of a tulle A line skirt, guipure bodice, and deep V-neck, Orobia is every bohemian bride’s dream come true. Oseleta features an intricate body of lace. The lace cascades down a sleek silhouette which spreads into an A line skirt with a train.

saveOrobia, Pronovias 2017.
Orobia. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOseleta, Pronovias 2017.
Oseleta. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Odilia is an empire waist dress composed of a V-neck body made of lace that divides at the waist and runs down the sides of the dress to forma an elegant overskirt.

saveOdilia, Pronovias 2017.
Odilia. Credits: Pronovias 2017

Next we present Olmedo, an elegant and timeless princess cut dress with tulle and an exquisite jeweled belt and finally, we could not miss the opportunity to show one of the short wedding dresses that Pronovias has included in the 2017 collection. A perfect design for a civil ceremony or nontraditional celebration, Olga consists of a boat neckline and voluminous mid-length skirt made of fine lace fabric. Inspired by the 50s, Olga is sweet and feminine and a great choice for bride who are looking for something a little more retro.

saveOlmedo, Pronovias 2017.
Olmedo. Credits: Pronovias 2017
saveOlga, Pronovias 2017.
Olga. Credits: Pronovias 2017

We didn’t know it was possible, but Pronovias has managed to get even better. With this collection of unparalleled designs, Pronovias continues to fulfill its promise to provide all brides with the dress of their dreams in 2017. Which one would you wear to walk down the aisle?


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