Wolf Photography: discover this dynamic duo's stunning work

Discover the work of the husband and wife team that make up Wolf Photography! Talent, experience and kind hearts: what more could you ask for?

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Finding the right wedding photographer for your big day is not easy. You have to trust them, you have to ensure that they are willing to listen, you have to feel comfortable with them and, of course, you need know that they will produce beautiful, good quality photographs. Here at Zankyou, we understand that organizing your wedding can be pretty overwhelming, so we want to make sure that you don’t need to stress about your wedding photographer. Allow us to introduce you to Wolf Photography


Based just outside of Toronto, Rianna and her husband Adam travel together, camp together, hike together, hang out together and, most importantly, photograph weddings together. For his whole life, Adam has been running around with a camera but the couple’s shared passion (and talent) for  capturing the love shared between two people was discovered around five years ago. From then on, their true path was found and they now dedicate their lives to wedding photography, capturing every small detail that makes a couple’s one of a kind love. Choosing Rianna and Adam as the photographers for your big day will allow you to rest assured that every moment will be captured with style and elegance: the quirky, the spontaneous, the playful, the moments that make your heart beat faster and the one where you find your safe place in their arms.

As a married couple, the Wolf Photography team know exactly how you feel on your wedding day. They have experienced everything first-hand: the butterflies, the anticipation and the overwhelming joy. Therefore, as you say your vows, Rianna and Adam vow to create breathtaking, precious photographs that represent your unique bond perfectly. These are the photographs that you’re going to keep for the rest of your lives and then pass on to your children and grandchildren, so Wolf Photography promise to make sure that they do not disappoint. They told us, “We are not afraid to get dirty, hop a few fences, and get off the beaten track to discover the unknown. We’re all about the authentic, the true, the never produced. It’s your story to live and only ours to tell.”

“These are the times you’ll look back on. Let’s capture it right. Let’s capture it beautifully.”

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Wolf Photography: discover this dynamic duo's stunning work