Simple and Minimalistic Dresses For Sophisticated Brides

If you dislike a dress with too much going on, you'll love these simple designs for your wedding day. See which one you like best in this gallery!

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Recently the simple and minimal trends has become more and more popular. And, although your wedding day is one of the only days in your life when you can really go ‘all out’, more and more brides are opting for a minimal bridal look, and it begins with the dress. Take a look through the gallery to see some of the most beautiful, minimal dresses for the brides of 2018/19.


Take note: it’s not only the dress, but also the accessories. But what’s interesting is that many brides enjoy contrasting their seemingly minimal dress with a more show-stopping bouquets, or some daring, coloured heels. But what are you waiting for? Take a look through the gallery and see for yourself!

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Simple and Minimalistic Dresses For Sophisticated Brides