Mira Zwillinger's Ice Cool 2019 Spring Collection

Mira Zwillinger's "Queen of Ice" Collection is an absolute hit, with hugely unique embellishments and great style.

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There is a certain majesty in Mira Zwillinger’s new collection. The brand’s couture gowns are well-known in the bridal fashion industry for bringing something a little different to the catwalk – the “Queen of Ice” upholds this tradition, as an exploration of the limits of high fashion for weddings. The company here presents a limited set of dresses for the boldest of brides – for those who desire to draw the eye, and those who demand both sophistication and sequins…

Emulating the harsh winter weather, Mira Zwillinger aims to present the innate strength that has every woman has, and the inherent connection between the feminine and nature, in deference to the raw power of Mother Earth. Using a variety of materials – from stunning crystals representing sharp glass icicles, to pearlescent fabrics that shine and glimmer with every step taken – the brand aims, and succeeds, in creating unique gowns that any guest would be remiss to overlook. The Navarra dress in particular is the epitome of the phrase “power-move”, with embroidery and sequins creating a pointed, jagged effect on the gown’s bodice.

Despite the immediate association one makes with ice, Mara Zwillinger does not sacrifice femininity for the sake of strength. The Tasha dress comes covered in a floral lace appliqué, in a delicate waterfall of fabric that accentuates the waist. Similarly, the Odessa dress boasts a fine layer of feathers, creating a soft, gentle look amongst an avalanche of glistening beads and gemstones. And perhaps the closest that Mira Zwillinger comes to a ballgown in this collection is the Olianna dress, with a mountain of bright white fabric flowing out from the waist, complete with exaggerated floral sleeves. Indeed, there is something here for all woman – with short, thigh-high dresses (ironically very suitable for a summer wedding!), and gowns with long trains as well.

Designed more for the runway than the aisle, the Queen of Ice’s motif is unlikely to become a trending theme for next Spring, but if you have the potential to invest in one of these pieces, you’re guaranteed to feel powerful, unique, and simply stunning on your wedding day.

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Mira Zwillinger's Ice Cool 2019 Spring Collection