A Return To The Woodlands: Willowby's 2018 Folklore Fall Collection

Attached to Watters, Willowby offers a distinctive Fall Collection based on the folklore and cultural traditions of many countries around the world.

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Willowby by Watters’ 2018 Fall collection is a innovative combination of classical folkloric European culture and 21st century bridal cuts and trims, with the aim of exploring the intricate relationship between tradition and modernity – something that all brides planning their weddings are very aware of! By striking the perfect balance between these two different eras, Willowby have created a diverse set of gowns that are bold in their exploration of colour and clash of patterns, and yet made delicate and elegant through the use of this season’s shapes and styles of fit. For example, the Heart Leaf gown is embellished with a traditional Polish form of papercut embroidery, with small highlights of pastel blues, pinks and yellows, but is made modern by the deep V-neck neckline and exposed back, alongside the double layering of translucent tulle over a fitted lace underskirt.


There are some more daring structures included in this collection. The popularity of two-piece bridal outfits has been steadily rising with the surge in millennial weddings, and the desire to move away from the traditional shapes that have dominated the industry for decades. The Poppy gown perfectly exemplifies this move towards a boho-chic style, with an intricately beaded and embroidered champagne top, with visible boning in dark plum, accompanied by a delicate tulle skirt in dazzling white. Other gowns feature audacious graphic appliqués, such as the Foxglove gown, and the use of trim mixing and stripped laces.

However, Willowby have not forgotten to be romantic. The focus on low-cut necklines, open backs, high splits in skirts, and the use of light materials for draping and layering creates a very sensual tone for the collection. This can be seen in the Adelaide gown – a feat of modern bridal design, elaborated almost entirely out of sheer lace, and so delicate that it appears like tissue paper. The simple femininity of the gowns in this collection radiates out of every dress, particularly from Fern. Brides who have a rustic, bohemian theme for their big day, or who want to make the right kind of big impression will definitely love this collection!

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A Return To The Woodlands: Willowby's 2018 Folklore Fall Collection