Zankyou allows you to benefit from the lowest fees on the market and the excellence of a premium service , which is totally personalized for you and your guests

Free Wedding Website: Your wedding website is free and will not have any advertising on it.

Wedding Registry: We are totally transparent with our fees and you will never find any small print. Zankyou charges 2.6% of the total contribution made per guest with a C$ 0.99 transaction fee and we offer you 2 free transfers from your registry to your bank account.

You can choose whether you or your guests cover the fees. If you choose the second option, Zankyou’s services will be completely free for you.

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2.6%of the amount contributed
99¢ fixed cost per contribution
Gift Spaces
5.4% charged to the guest
$0.30 CAD per gift
Our Wishing Well
4% of the amount contributed
$99 CAD as a one off fee
rates correct as of 28/6/2017

General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to all users. Click on the following link for the full document: General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Wedding Registry Service

At the time of registration for a Zankyou account, you accepted the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to use Zankyou personal wedding websites. A separate Wedding Registry Service is applicable to clients who activate their wedding registry on the personal Zankyou wedding website.
We encourage you to read these documents to understand your rights and responsibilities while using Zankyou Services.

The following texts are a selection of important main clauses and do not represent the documents in their entirety..

Article 2.1 General Service

ZANKYOU, offers any private individuals planning to celebrate a wedding a platform on which to design, organize and structure a Personal Webpage and Wedding Registry

Article 2.2.2 Creation of the Wedding Registry

The GUEST will be able to make a CONTRIBUTION payment through credit card payment methods (Visa and Mastercard) following the procedure established on the Website. ZANKYOU guarantees the payment security and will notify the CONTRIBUTOR of a successful payment via email.

Article 6.1 Payment Methods

The guest can carry out a contribution through various payment methods (Visa debit and Mastercard) following the process established on the site. ZANKYOU guarantees the security of the payment, and will send the contributor an email to the address used when making a payment, informing them of the details and reference of the payment they have made. The total contribution made by the contributor will only be consultable for the Beneficiaries.

Article 7.1 Provide Documents

The Beneficiaries must provide ZANKYOU with the requested documents in order to finalize the activation of their Gift Registry as well as make a transfer request from their Registry to their personal bank account.

Article 7.5 Transfer Request

The sum of the ZANKYOU account connected to the wedding will be managed by ZANKYOU when the couple make a transfer request. Once the transfer request has been received, the transfer will be made in two to three working days, provided that the required documents have been confirmed and the Gift Registry has been activated. ZANKYOU will not be held accountable for the end use of the total sum the Beneficiaries transfer from their Gift Registry to their bank account.

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