‘Romantic’, ‘Honest’ and ‘Joyous’ are three words to describe the work of Joel and Justyna Bedford, international destination wedding photographers based out of Ottawa, Canada. This husband and wife duo has been photographing together and separately for around 10 years. They have travelled the world, capturing the most beautiful moments of what is the most memorable celebration of their couples’ lives.

Joel and Justyna describe themselves as “thoughtful observers”, ones who watch time unfold and are keep to capture love, beauty, sadness, joy, excitement and all other definitions of the human experience which are magnified on the wedding day. Above all, they are keen to capture that romantic connection which is unique to each and every couple and to allow their clients to have perfect photographs as reminders of their love which can be passed on through the generations. They want to photograph truthfully and will be present on your special day for as long as you require them. In their own words, “A wedding is the beginning of a legacy and we’re thrilled to begin documenting yours.”


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