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Step into a world where every moment is captured in the embrace of elegance and charm. Meet Nicole and Max, your seasoned companions on an 11+ year journey through the artistry of wedding photography. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Canada, they're not just photographers; they're creators of dreams, narrators of tales, and maestros of luxury.

With a treasure trove of accolades adorning their path, these visionary artists have earned their stripes as award-winning international destination wedding photographers. Their craft goes beyond the ordinary, delving into the realm of comfort and relaxation, where authenticity breeds photographs that pulsate with life. With a true-to-life style, they blend your imagination with their technical finesse, birthing images that etch memories onto the tapestry of time.

Their journey isn't just about photography; it's an experience woven with threads of connection. A dance of comfort between lens and lovebirds. Their portfolio reads like a chronicle of beauty, having graced the pages of illustrious publications such as Style Me Pretty, Weddingbells, The Knot, and more. From the whimsical pages of How He Asked to the refined allure of Southern Bride, their work paints a vibrant tapestry across the wedding world's canvas.

For Nicole and Max, this isn't just a profession; it's a calling nurtured since the days of seventh grade. From then on, fewer pictures were about themselves, as the camera became an extension of their souls. Yearbooks turned into a medium of reminiscence, snapshots of a journey that now extends to encompass others' tales. A profound desire to not just capture images, but to weave narratives, led them to this path.

Imagine an album that doesn't merely display photographs but encapsulates your legacy. A visual symphony orchestrated with the melodies of your story, echoing through generations. This isn't mere photography; this is a legacy, a heritage, a gift to your future.

Each celebration is a unique chapter, and thus, every quote is bespoke. As the curtains rise on this grand spectacle, their full-service wedding collections begin at $5,000. This is your invitation to engage, to explore, to experience the alchemy where dreams meet reality.

Their modus operandi orbits around you - your comfort, your ease, your bliss. Awkwardness is exiled, replaced by the radiant memory of your special day. This is the heartbeat of their craft, the essence that makes your wedding photos resonate like a cherished melody. The engagement session, a cornerstone of this journey, bridges the chasm between you and your photographer. It's not just a vendor experience; it's a personal odyssey, a lasting connection. A chance to relive that natural enchantment when your grandchildren gaze upon your wedding tale.

Beyond the realm of weddings, their talents extend to brands, editorials, and content creation. This isn't just a service; it's a collaboration, an opportunity to craft visual symphonies together.

Step into a realm where professionalism dances with joy, where luxury meets warmth, and where your story finds its visual voice. Nicole and Max beckon you to embark on this unforgettable expedition, where photography isn't just an art—it's a legacy. Contact them, and together, you'll script your visual saga.


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Which of the main services do you charge for on an hourly basis?
We do not work with hourly rates
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What other services do you offer?
Photography, Pre-wedding, After-wedding, Digital album
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In case of unforeseen circumstances, do you have a substitute?
Replacement available
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What is the delivery time of the final work after the wedding?
1-5 months
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What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
1-5 months
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Appointment required
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Exclusive use
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We are a team
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Possible travelling expenses
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french, english
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