Mother-to-be Brides: How to Organize Your Wedding While Pregnant

Planning your wedding with a baby on the way? We have some advice that will make planning much easier on you and the little one.

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Are you both a bride and mommy to be? Choosing the venue, dress, flowers, invitations, caterer, and so on is hard enough. Planning a wedding while preparing to have a baby can be seriously overwhelming. Because we know how important it is for brides (and especially pregnant brides) to stay calm during the planning process, we want to give you some suggestions that will make the road to marriage (and motherhood) easier for you.

photo: Bodógrafos

1. Opt for an intimate celebration

A large wedding takes a lot of thought, time, and energy. As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, it’s probably best for you to plan a small ceremony. An intimate wedding can be easily managed and executed with elegance and style. If you get stressed out easily, you can put all of the planning in the hands of a wedding planner so you can relax and enjoy yourself before the big day.

2. Make a schedule

Plan a schedule for both wedding and baby obligations and stick to it religiously so your tasks don’t build up. It’s important to set goals and deadlines and take things like budget and free time into account. Plus, mapping every obligation out will make it easier to distribute tasks among family and friends.

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3. Get some help

Ideally, if you are able, getting professional help will make things a lot easier. A wedding planner will take all wedding responsibilities out of your hands so you can enjoy a calm and stress-free wedding and focus on the baby’s arrival. If you’re strapped on cash, your relatives and friends should be more than happy to be a part of the planning process and take on some responsibility.

4. Just relax and leave your worries behind

The most important thing is to take special care of yourself. All baby related obligations should be your priority. Don’t skip any doctor’s appointments and make sure you are doing everything your doctor recommends.  Make time in your schedule to relax and exercise to maintain your physical and mental health.

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photo: Elena CH Photo & Video

The changes in your hormones and anticipation of the wedding can put you in a negative mood. Yoga is a great way to clear your mind, relax, and get in shape all at the same time and there are classes made especially for pregnant women.

5. Stylish Maternity Dresses

Don’t get frustrated by your new appearance, flaunt it! Now, there are so many popular wedding dress designers that offer ultra-stylish maternity dresses so you can flaunt that baby bump and pregnancy glow while looking like a true princess.

photo: Lirola&Cussó

6. Careful with the menu!

Remember that there are certain foods you should avoid when you’re pregnant. Be careful with meat, raw fish, cold cuts, and imported foods when you plan your menu!

7. Provide non-alcoholic options

Of course, when it comes to any celebration, alcohol is almost always essential. As with most large scale events, you’ll need to provide your guests with an open bar, but don’t forget to organize a table with non-alcoholic options for children, seniors, and mothers-to-be like yourself.

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photo: Carla Aymat

8. Wear appropriate footwear

We don’t recommend a very high heel for the ceremony and reception. If you must wear heels, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to change into. Also, if your wedding dress is tight and restricting, you might want to choose a more comfortable one for after the ceremony.

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Don’t worry! If you plan right, you’ll be totally able to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams while you’re expecting!

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