Ispiration for your destination wedding in Italy: Claudia and Aniello's la dolce vita wedding day!

If you are thinking about a destination wedding in Italy let this real wedding inspire you to make it happen in the most amazing style! We are all familiar with stories about nervous first dates being tales of awkwardness, a mixed message here and a faux pas there. Yet with true love, somehow it seems that every look or gesture says more than words ever could, as though the two lovers were in tune in a way no others ever could be for them. Never is that clearer than when two lovers get lost in the eyes of each other. It’s a little like what you can see in these beautiful photos of Claudia and Aniello. We at Zankyou get to tell their story as expertly photographed by the brilliant Cataldo & Corbi Photographers.

The Preparation

As they ready themselves on their big day, this gorgeous couple’s every feature is perfectly complimented, accentuated even, by their excellently chosen attire, hair, make-up and accessories. Claudia’s ultramarine blue eyes are really brought out by her make-up, contrasting with her soft alabaster skin beautifully lending her a graceful, elegant, almost ethereal quality that matches her delicately laced dress with its illusion sleeves. Aniello meanwhile, with his modern classic style, highlights his ruggedly handsome Neapolitan looks and Gascon charm to great effect. Their special day finally here and both looking striking, they were all set.

The Ceremony

As they came together at the ceremony and their eyes met for the first time on this momentous day, it was obvious to all that this happy couple had already dedicated their lives to each other. Now, on a sunny winter morning in a splendid setting on the glorious Sorrento peninsula, Claudia and Aniello had at long last declared it to all through their vows and formally bound their hearts and lives through the exchanging of rings. Their vibrant religious ceremony was full of emotion for all, with many a tear shed in joy.

The Reception

Proudly and elegantly, the happy couple greeted their guests at the reception, Claudia looking every bit the beautiful princess in her dress and Aniello very much the handsome charming prince. Finally married, they indulged in the perfect celebration in the shape of the reception they had long since planned. Every guest enjoyed the wonder of their special day with them, in the process becoming part of their wonderful romantic story.

The Christmas atmosphere made the occasion all the more magical, as did the warm embrace of the winter sun in what felt like an earthly paradise. These two unique characters had already played their part in a compelling love story, though their wonderful wedding left all in anticipation of what new chapters their touching romance would bring.

So if you’e in the midst of planning your Italian wedding, then check out Cataldo & Corbi Photographer for the best memories of yur special day!

Suppliers: Photography: Cataldo & Corbi Photographers | Venue: Grand Hotel Moon | Flowers: IRIS

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