Impressive 10 million dollar wedding, with a performance by Lady Gaga included!

The singer became a part of this incredible celebration which boasted a unique venue, a spectacular wedding dress, a cake like you've never seen before and a multitude of luxury details.

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Are you thinking about organising your wedding? With the average Canadian wedding costing between $20,000 and $30,000, we’re guessing you’re thinking about a similar budget; but adding on a few more zeros to this figure seems ridiculous, right? Not if you’re like Lolita Osmanova and Gaspar Avdolyan, whose fathers are two of the richest tycoons in Russia. Together they could surely buy a few planets, but instead of doing this, they decided to spend just a small portion of their fortune on their son and daughter’s wedding.

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Lolita Osmanova and Gaspar Avdolyan / Lady Gaga. Photo: Instagram vgmood y galyaaisha

Even this first fact will leave you in complete shock: half a million dollars in flowers. What most families would spend on a house, a car and everything that they would need for the rest of their life, the Russion heirs spent on red and white roses and tulips. After reading that, surely nothing could seem excessive. Or maybe it could…

For the wedding venue, the couple chose The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that this is the venue where the Oscars are held. We’re sure that you’ll agree that this event seems more like a Hollywood show than a wedding. Maybe you’re not feeling so happy with your chosen wedding venue now!

As is customary at most weddings, the bride was one of the focal points. However, her dress undoubtedly stole the spotlight, being so extravagant and luxurious that she could hardly move! Designed by the Lebanese designer Zuhair Muradthe garment was stitched with thread made from gold and silver and consisted of a whole host of precious materials which were topped off with an unbelievable amount of jewels.

But one of the most eye-catching elements of the celebration was not all of the of elaborate and expensive details, but the fact that Lady Gaga was part of the soirée. And not as a guest, but as a star. The eccentric singer delighted the staff at the event with an incredible performance which left everyone in awe.

The reception also featured R&B singer Jason Derulo, whose huge repertoire gave many more opportunities to get up and dance than Lady Gaga’s. Still, though, he was left in the shadow of Lady Gaga and her undeniable importance.

Lady Gaga’s performance was unbeatable and certainly was a crowd-pleaser. Speaking of crowd-pleasers, take a look at the Russian couple’s cake: a 10 tiered masterpiece made with gold.

The wedding also featured a symphony orchestra and a special ballet performance which the guests loved. Amongst the lucky guests were tycoons, Arabian princes, multi-millionaires, models, actors and Russia’s coolest personalities. Of course, they all travelled to LA in private jets and occupied the city’s finest hotels.

What do you think? Does it all seem excessive? You may think that this is crazy, but other Russian weddings have outdone this one considerably, costing as much as 1000 million dollars! Incredible, right? We think the photographs from Lolita Osmanova y Gaspar Avdolyan’s wedding are amazing and they give us a glimpse of a fairytale wedding coming to life.

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