5 Original Options for Your Perfect Honeymoon

The first moments you experience as husband and wife are during the honeymoon. Make it unique and unforgettable!

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The honeymoon shouldn’t be the same for everyone, since every couple has different interests and hobbies. But what does this have to do with traveling? The answer is simple. The honeymoon is that one magical vacation that begins the first chapter of the newlywed couple’s lives together. In other words, the first moments you experience as husband and wife are during the honeymoon. That’s why yours should be unique and unforgettable.

saveFoto: Dennis Berti
photo: Dennis Berti

With that in mind, we present five original suggestions for your honeymoon according to your hobbies.

1. For Wine Lovers

Your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be at an all-inclusive beach resort. If you consider yourself a wine lover, why not go to Napa Valley or even Tuscany? Discovering your new favorite wine while you soak up the sun by the countryside isn’t a bad way to start off your marriage.

saveFoto: Alfonso Flores
photo: Alfonso Flores

2. For Amusement Park Enthusiasts

Looking for something a little more adventurous? What  better way to start your marriage than visiting the happiest place on earth. Where, you ask? Disney, of course! Pack your bags and get ready for Orlando. Your inner child will be very pleased.

saveFoto: Fernando Caballero
photo: Fernando Caballero

3. For Nature Lovers

Costa Rica is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth to experience nature. Natural parks and reserves, unspoiled beaches with white sand and crystal clear water, volcanoes, and endless green rainforests make for an unforgettable honeymoon adventure.

saveFoto: Andrea Mancilla
photo: Andrea Mancilla

4. For Animal Lovers

There’s no better place on earth to witness wildlife than Africa. How about a safari honeymoon? Experience a true adventure in the midst of nature while staying in world renowned luxury hotels in Kenya, South Africa, or Madagascar.

saveFoto: Micke Valenzuela
photo: Micke Valenzuela

5. For Adventurers

So you want an adventure with a little bit of everything. Why not visit the Himalayas? Get acquainted with the rich culture and ancient history of Nepal and enjoy jaw-dropping landscapes of mountains and rivers. Did we mention that the Himalayas have incredible hiking trails?

saveFoto: Oscar Castro
photo: Oscar Castro

What are you waiting for? Order your tickets and get ready for the best vacation of your life!

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