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4.1 What are the advantages for your guests at Zankyou?

Zankyou allows you to showcase the gifts you REALLY want to receive. Giving a gift through Zankyou isn’t as much of a chore as with some traditional gift registry providers. Zankyou offers a simple and tangible way to help you fulfil your dreams, which will mean a lot to your guests. Your guests will also be able to access your personal wedding web page, a useful and fun source of information for your wedding day.

4.2 Why use Zankyou instead of offering money or sending a check directly to the couple?

Our customers could give us all kinds of answers to this question. For example, Zankyou doesn’t put you in a compromising situation, you don’t have to make your guests make a bank transfer and it’s much safer than receiving actual cash during the wedding reception or giving out your bank details. With Zankyou you can ask your guests for the gifts that would really make you happy. Also giving a gift through Zankyou is more personal than simply transferring money. It gives your guests an opportunity to see the gifts you want, how you plan to spend the money and to help you make your dreams reality. This will mean a lot to your guests!

4.3 What payment methods does Zankyou accept? Are they secure?

The gifts are purchased by Visa or MasterCard directly from your personal wedding website. Zankyou uses the Visa Servired payment platform. Zankyou relies the support of Visa and Thawte to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all sensitive data.

4.4 How does Zankyou make life easier for guests coming from abroad?

Zankyou is present in the US, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Australia, Canada and India. Our reach will continue to expand to other countries and languages in the coming years.


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