To help you understand what we do and clear up any doubts

3.1 Do we have to buy our gifts at Zankyou?

No, you don’t. Zankyou will transfer to your PayPal or bank account the full cash equivalent of the gifts you receive. It is the only gift registry that will not charge you any type of commission for transferring your own money to your bank account. It’s always best to read the fine print, as most other gift registry providers will take a commission of up to 10% if you decide to take the cash rather than the gifts. Why do they do this? Quite simply because their income is linked to selling you the maximum amount of physical gifts. Zankyou follows a different model. Zankyou is a social web model whose success is linked to the number of members that use the service and to how often they use and recommend it. That’s why Zankyou is able to sustain low margins while offering its members a full range of free services without charging any commission. With Zankyou, you can choose to buy your gifts whenever and wherever you want. After all, they’re your gifts, shouldn’t you be able to do whatever you want with them? Zankyou thinks so!

3.2 Where can we buy the gifts we receive?

We transfer you the full value of the gifts, you are free to buy the gifts you really want wherever you choose. Zankyou doesn’t restrict you to only buying gifts a fixed number of stores.

3.3 Is there a time limit for buying the gifts or spending the money we’ve received?

There is no time limit. Zankyou will transfer the full cash equivalent of the gifts you receive to your PayPal account. You can then use the money as you please. After all, it’s your money.

3.4 Do we get special discounts on the gifts?

There are no special discounts on the gifts at Zankyou. However, we offer the freedom of buying your gifts wherever you like (i.e. at local stores that don’t have their own in-house wedding registry) and whenever you like (i.e. during a sale).


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