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1.1 How does Zankyou work?

Zankyou works in three simple steps:

1. You create your own wedding web page and easily build your gift registry.

2. Guests visit your website via a web address provided by Zankyou. Through this page they can offer you gifts, learn useful things about the wedding, or even share pictures and comments with other guests.

3. You will receive the directly and immediately the contributions from your guests into your Paypal or Stripe acount.

1.2 What type of people was Zankyou created for?

Zankyou provides this service to all couples without exception. Zankyou is the best gift registry service for couples who don’t need to fill up their homes with physical gifts.

1.3 What are the advantages of creating your gift registry at Zankyou?

Zankyou will transfer the full cash equivalent of the gifts received from your guests to the Paypal or the Stripe account.

You can choose to include the gifts that you really want; you are not limited to choosing gifts from a catalogue. You are free to do anything you want with the gifts you receive and you won’t be restricted to a network of shops or a gift voucher with an expiration date. In other words, you can spend your money however you wish.

1.4 What are the advantages of creating your wedding web page at Zankyou?

Zankyou lets you create a personal web page for your wedding in a simple and easy way. It reserves a personal web address for you and through this address your guests can check out all the information related to the wedding (itinerary, directions with maps and photos, etc), participate in the forum, exchange photos related to the wedding, and much more.

Your personal web page will not have any advertising on it and you’ll be able to use it as you please.

1.5 How much does it cost?

The only fee we charge is for the handling of gift contributions (Point-of-Sale and administrative costs). This comes to 2.6% of the amount contributed with CND$ 0.99 per transaction.

This fee is paid for by the happy couple but they can, however, choose to let their guests pay for the fee instead. With the latter option, the fee is added to the final amount when guests pay for their gifts. If this option is selected the couple will not actually have to pay anything for Zankyou’s services.

Zankyou's rates are the lowest on the market, and you won’t find any asterisks or fine print. Transparency is one of our priorities.

1.6 How does Zankyou manage to provide such services for free?

Zankyou is the most popular wedding gift registry in Europe. With more than 1 million unique users and 5 million page visits per month, Zankyou’s revenues are mainly derived from advertising, allowing our wedding registry service rates to remain low.

1.7 Is Zankyou’s structure sound and can you guarantee my money will be safe?

Zankyou was created in 2007 following the wedding of one of its founders.

We created Zankyou after having learned through our own experiences that there was no gift registry and wedding web page service that adapted to the needs of our generation; we get married later, we’ve often lived together already and we frequently have guests coming from abroad.

Today, Zankyou offers its services in 23 countries worldwide, and in nine different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish and Russian).

To date, more than 100,000 couples have created their wedding website through Zankyou, over 500,000 gifts have been given via Zankyou wedding registries and every month more than 5 million people use the website, with an average of 14 million page visits per month.

Zankyou was selected as one of the top 5 websites worldwide (and the number 1 in Europe) for event planning by the U.S. web 2.0 specialist Feedmyapp.

Zankyou works with "Société Générale" for the management of the gift registries. All payments secured by Thawte® SSL 256 bit encryption.


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